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Nora Exit Emergency LED Round Heads

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Size: 21 5/8" L x 17" H x 5" W
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Nora Lighting LED Exit Emergency Light with Adjustable Round Incandescent Heads, NEX-708-LED

Exit sign with dual emergency fixtures feature full vertical adjustment allowing round heads to be positioned to the top, corners, or side of the exit sign.

The new NEX-708 Combination Dual Head Emergency/Exit fixture offers the ultimate in flexibility and options. During normal operation, the exit sign operates on long life LED sources for brilliant, maintenance-free illumination. During emergency operation, the exit sign and dual incandescent heads operate 90 minutes under battery power. The fixture can accept a second battery allowing two 5.4 watt remote heads to be installed within 15' of the main unit.


  • Dimension: 21 5/8" Max Length x 17" Max Height x 5" Width
  • Injection-molded dual housing with 1/2" replaceable knockouts for power conduit feed


  • Exit:
    • Single or dual configuration. Optional solid face panel is included
    • 6" high text with color diffusion
    • Knockout directional chevrons
  • Emergency:
    • Two adjustable arms with round heads complete with specular reflector and diffuser lens for T5 light source


  • Wall, side, or ceiling
  • Mounting hardware included


  • Voltage:
    • Dual 120V/277V Input
    • Power Consumption:
    • 3.8 Watts normal operation
    • 15 Watts emergency operation, with capacity for 10.8 additional watts if using remote fixtures and additional battery
  • Light Source:
    • Exit: LED strip for normal operation
    • Emergency: 2 x 5.4 T5 6V Wedge Base Incandescent lamps
  • Battery:
    • 6V 4.5Ah Replaceable lead-calcium battery operates integral heads and exit LED sources. Additional battery can be added to operate two 5.4W remote fixtures(not included)
    • 90-minute emergency operation
    • Internal solid state charging circuit
  • Testing:
    • High-charge / ready operation indicator light
    • Test button
  • Circuitry Protection:
    • Isolated surge/short circuit protection

Life Expectancy

  • LED and PC circuitry are rated for approximately 25 years with no change in illumination level
  • Emergency lamps and lead-calcium battery require standard maintenance

UL 924 Listed
UL Damp Locations
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Item Codes
NEX-708-LED/G: Green LED Exit with Adjustable Emergency Heads, Battery Backup
NEX-708LED/GSLED: Green Salida with Adjustable Emergency Heads, Battery Backup
NEX-708-LED/R: Red LED Exit with Adjustable Emergency Heads, Battery Backup
NEX-708LED/RS: Red LED Salida with Adjustable Emergency Heads, Battery Backup